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  • December 29, 2011
  • 3 minutes read

Ghozlan: Revolution Belongs to All; MB Decisions Based on Shura and Democratic Consultations

Ghozlan: Revolution Belongs to All; MB Decisions Based on Shura and Democratic Consultations

 Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Executive Office and its media spokesman, expressed regret for the behavior of certain young people who heckeled him during his speech at a memorial service for the Martyr Sheikh Emad Effat at the Egyptian Press Syndicate on Tuesday, refusing to allow him to speak in protest against what they believe to be the stance of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Ghozlan stated that he regrets the lack of respect expressed by these young people for democracy, for other’s opinions, for the principles of ethics, or for the speaker’s age.

Ghozlan added " Democracy means that you respect the opinion of others. We did go down to the streets in protests and demonstrations that several other parties boycotted. We never attacked them. We never even criticized them with one single word. At times, others went down to the streets in protest, and we did not. They attacked us in both cases. When we went down to protest, they said we were showing off our strength. When we did not, they said that we sold the revolution."

Another group of young people insisted that he speaks on the grounds that the deceased Sheikh Effat belonged to the whole nation and not only to those young men and women who acted as if they were the sole owners of the revolution and its symbols, according to Ghozlan.

"We defended the revolution in the worst moment of the attack in the so-called battle of the camel and many other occasions."

He stressed that the Muslim Brotherhood is a great movement, and cannot follow the whims and desires of a group or faction here or there in a haphazard manner. But its leaders manage it with knowledge and expertise, their decisions always based on Shura (Islamic consultation) through an enlightened democratic process.