Ghozlan: We Will Keep Action Peaceful Against Fraud Attempts

Ghozlan: We Will Keep Action Peaceful Against Fraud Attempts

At a news conference in Lebanon, Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood official spokesman, asserted that the Egyptian people have spoken, choosing Dr. Mohamed Morsi for President of the Republic, and that this was confirmed by Egyptian judges at each and every polling station across the country.

Dr. Ghozlan asserted that the people and the Brotherhood are determined to maintain the peaceful nature of their protests against attempts at fraud.

Dr. Ghozlan is currently on a visit to Beirut, Lebanon. On Saturday, June 23, in his speech at the Conference, he said: "The final result of the presidential elections in Egypt is already known. We expect official announcement, soon, to confirm the result declared first by the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and by the judges at each polling station.

"The FJP will accept the result. However, if it became clear that there is fraud, the Egyptian people will positively protect their free will and choice."

In this regard, Ghozlan denied any threats were made by the FJP or the Muslim Brotherhood, assuring that only peaceful means will be used to claim usurped rights.

He further stressed that mobilization of the Egyptian street is meant to address the possibility of a false and fraudulent declaration of victory for Ahmed Shafiq.

Contrary to vilifying media claims that the Brotherhood agreed a deal where Dr. Mohamed Morsi takes the presidency and ignores the rest of popular demands, Ghozlan assured that there is absolutely no agreement of any kind between the Brotherhood and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF).

Dr. Ghozlan further assured Christians in Egypt would be given all their rights in full, pointing out that "There has not been even one incident of violence between the Brotherhood and Christians.

"But the defunct Mubarak regime always endeavored to subvert relations with our Christian brothers. In fact, Christians fared better in Egypt than the Muslim Brotherhood, where they engaged in all religious and business activities freely, unlike the Muslim Brotherhood, under the former regime."

Furthermore, Dr. Ghozlan reviewed events and developments in Egypt since the start of the January 25, 2011 revolution, and the subsequent changes, as well as the Brotherhood and the Salafists’ sweeping victory in parliamentary elections, winning 76% of the seats, and attempts by the Brotherhood not to run for president by trying to talk to independent figures to join the presidential race, such as Justice Tariq Al-Bashri, Justice Hossam Ghariani and Justice Mahmoud Makki.

"As is well known, those prominent, independent personalities declined to join the race. Then, we nominated Khairat Al-Shater, then Dr. Morsi. And all along, we had political confrontations with the government, in the parliament."