Ging: Lifting the siege more important than extending aid

Ging: Lifting the siege more important than extending aid

GAZA, — John Ging, the director of UNRWA operations, said that the siege on Gaza Strip must be lifted, describing the step as more important than sending assistance to the beleaguered Strip.

He told a press conference on Sunday, which was meant to initiate the distribution of supplies with Saudi financing east of Gaza city, that ending the siege would help prevail peace and security in the entire region.

The UNRWA director emphasized his agency’s concern over the continuation of the siege on more than one and a half million Palestinians in the Strip.

Ging welcomed any step toward alleviating the siege, thanking Saudi Arabia for donating two million dollars to distribute food supplies on the Gaza inhabitants.

Asked on the electricity crisis in the Gaza Strip, he said that the problem is a new tragedy in Gaza and would paralyze many important aspects in the Strip.

However, Ging said that the problem was an internal Palestinian problem, urging the Palestinian leadership to put a swift end to it.