Ging: Prisoners’ lives around the world much better than living in Gaza

Ging: Prisoners’ lives around the world much better than living in Gaza

John Ging, the director of UNRWA operations in Gaza stated during a ceremony held Monday by the agency and the WHO on the occasion of the world health day that lives of prisoners all over the world are much better than the besieged Gaza people”s lives, describing the Israeli siege as “unjust and illegal”.

“Journalists always refer to Gaza as an open prison, and when we talk about the levels of services and livelihood in Gaza, we could say that the jails” conditions abroad are much better than (living condition) in Gaza,” Ging said, pointing out that a prisoner in Europe receives health care better than the people of Gaza can get.

In the same context, Dr. Basim Naim, the health minister in Gaza, warned that the health condition is close to the edge of the abyss and the death became closer to Gaza patients from the jugular vein.

Dr. Naim called on the international community to take a stand towards the deteriorating human situation in Gaza, to work on lifting the siege and to pressure the Israeli occupation to allow in medicines and medical supplies.

For its part, the education ministry warned that the educational process might stop if the fuel crisis in Gaza continued, pointing out that the attendance percentage of students and teachers in many of Gaza schools is dropping off sharply.

The ministry appealed to all international institutions concerned with education especially the UNESCO and the UNICEF to work on lifting the siege and on eliminating the obstacles which are threatening the educational process with collapse.