Ging: The World Should Protect Palestinian Civilians In Gaza

Director of UNRWA operations in the PA lands John Ging has called on the international community to immediately intervene to provide urgent protection to the unarmed Palestinian civilians in Gaza Strip, and to stop the IOF troops’ violence against them.

Ging’s remarks were apparently spurred by the scenes of horror, murder, and destruction he has seen in the beleaguered city of Beit Hanun at the hands of the IOF troops over the past eight days.

He also urged “the decision-making quarters in this world” to immediately mobilize to rescue the bereaved people of Beit Hanun.

“I felt extremely exhausted after what I had seen during my inspection visit to Beit Hanun. Everyone wants me to provide an urgent protection to the civilians there; yet I realize that there will be no real protection if the world’s community doesn’t move in this direction”, Ging underlined.

Ging didn’t hesitate to call on the Israeli occupation government to halt its aggressions and to stop firing tank shells at civilians’ homes, inviting, in the same context, all concerned parties to return to the “negotiations’ table”, and to resume the “peace process”.

He explained that the UN secretary-general had repeatedly urged all parties to exercise self-restraint, and to end such tragic incidents once and for all.

Another UN arm, the UNICIF, was shocked with what had happened in the city, pointing out that at least 68 Palestinians were killed since November 2, including 14 children.

The organization that cares for children in the world revealed that 113 Palestinian children had fallen victims of IOF troops’ atrocities this year, adding that the figure was double the one recorded in the year 2005.

However, the UNICIF highlighted that Palestinian children, who comprise 50% of the Palestinian population, were forced to remain in their homes most of the time over fears of possible IOF troops’ attacks.

The organization furthermore asserted that Palestinian children should live their normal life as the rest of the world’s children, including providing them with the basic needs of life and allowing them easy access to their schools away of threats.

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