Ging champions breaking Israeli siege on Gaza via sea route

Ging champions breaking Israeli siege on Gaza via sea route

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, — John Ging, the director of UNRWA operations in Gaza Strip, has called for breaking the siege on Gaza through sending ships, which was met with shock on the part of Israel.

Ging, speaking in an interview with a Norwegian newspaper, said that the world community should assume its responsibility in this issue and discuss means of breaking the siege in a practical manner away from mere statements.

He recommended sending European ships to the Gaza coast, adding that Israel would not intercept them because it would not fire at European vessels.

Ging held both Israel and Egypt responsible for the continued siege on Gaza, adding that it was about time for the world to act and send aid via sea route as it had done in the case of Haiti.

Israeli officials expressed shock at what it called an “unprecedented statement” by a UN official that carried grave consequences.

They said that Tel Aviv would officially protest to the UN and would demand clarification on how could an official UN representative ask European countries to send ships to Gaza, which they described as “illegal”, without pre-coordination with Israel.