Global Day of Action, Stop the Attacks on Lebanon and Palestine

Important Update on August 12 – Now a Global Day of Action
Stop the Attacks on Lebanon and Palestine

“From Michigan, people are preparing to march on Washington DC in large numbers this Saturday, August 12. Our community is coming in the thousands to the White House to protest the atrocities committed against the people in Lebanon. We are ordering more buses because so many people want to come. They are also coming in cars and vans and now we know that many have bought plane tickets to join the protest.” – Osama Siblani, publisher Arab American News and media and public relations chairperson of the Congress of Arab American Organizations of Michigan, and umbrella group representing 43 Arab-American organizations.

Israel has just declared all of Lebanon south of the Litani river a kill zone. For this entire twenty mile area of Lebanon, anyone who is in a vehicle will be targeted and destroyed by Israel. People in villages across the south of the country, who are already without water or food, are unable to flee the bombing or get to medical aid. 

August 12 has become an international day of action to stop the war being waged against the Lebanese and Palestinian people. Around the world people will be coming out into the streets in emergency actions. Just as we were writing this note, we received an email from the Vancouver-(Canada)-based coalition, Mobilization Against War and Occupation (MAWO) which is organizing a rally in Vancouver in partnership with the Canadian Muslim Alliance. MAWO wrote: “We believe that this call to action was an important initiative for responding in a broad and effective manner to this criminal assault by Israel and we have adopted the slogans and demands that you have put forward for this demonstration.”

It is critical that the people of the United States, the country that is providing the bombs falling on our brothers and sisters in Lebanon and Palestine, join in mass demonstration activity to make it clear to this government that it cannot continue on its brutal path of war and conquest. We must also send a message to the people of the world, and especially the people of the Middle East, that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice do not act in our names.

Please help support this demonstration by making a critically needed donation here.

Get your bus ticket now while there are some left (New York; Chicago), call your friends and family and make plans to be at the White House at 12 noon this Saturday. There will also be demonstrations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle for those on the West Coast.  Join the global day of action – from Washington, D.C. to Beirut, from Kenya to Pakistan, from Brazil to France, India to Australia – Take a Stand!

NEW! Logistics for Aug. 12!
– Bus tickets: New York City, Chicago
Organize transportation 
– Volunteer for DC march
Volunteer for SF march 
Make an urgently needed donation
– Download flyers: National (DC)New York City, ChicagoSan Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles

Help make this demonstration a success: It is most important that if you can, you come out into the streets on August 12. For those who cannot, you can still contribute to the demonstration by making an urgently needed donation here, which is tax deductible. If you prefer to send a check, please make your tax deductible contributions to Progress Unity Fund/ANSWER and send to:

Progress Unity Fund / A.N.S.W.E.R.
611 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, #430
Washington DC 20003-4303