Global Elders meet residents of the Silwan Jerusalem suburb

Global Elders meet residents of the Silwan Jerusalem suburb

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, The Global Elders delegation visiting the Middle East  have met Thursday with Palestinian residents of the Jerusalem suburb of Silwan, and listened to their stories of suffering resulting from Israeli occupation measures such as demolition of Palestinian homes and encouragement of Jewish settlement in the suburb.

Palestinian citizens presented the delegates with a complete picture on the Israeli schemes to force them out of their homes and the plan to demolish 88 Palestinian homes in the Bustan suburb, in addition to the increasing Israeli settlers’ atrocities against the Palestinian civilians.

The delegation which is lead by former Irish president and former commissioner of the UNHRC  Mary Robinson and included former US president Jimmy Carter visited the sit-in tent set up  by the affected citizens in the Bustan suburb, and spoke to their representatives.

Mary Robinson said after the visit: “Jerusalem lies at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and agreement on its future must also be at the heart of any solution. The changing ethnic and religious character of the city has regional and global implications.

“As Elders we try to bring hope, but I was shocked at the practices the Jerusalem authorities are being allowed to get away with. All kinds of clever methods are being used to surround and squeeze the Palestinian population – tunnels, settler houses, new roads, and now tourist attractions. A solution must be found that respects the human rights of all.”