• May 28, 2013
  • 2 minutes read

Global Forum of Islamist Parliamentarians: Nasrallah’s Speech Most Provocative

Global Forum of Islamist Parliamentarians: Nasrallah’s Speech Most Provocative

The Global Forum of Islamist Parliamentarians (GFIP) said that the speech delivered by Lebanese Hezbullah’s chief Hassan Nasrallah was most provocative and incited Shiites of Lebanon to fight against the Syrian people who are revolting against the repressive regime of Bashar Al-Assad which has lost legitimacy.

Hussein Mohamed Ibrahim, GFIP Chairman, said that Nasrallah’s speech gambled with souls of Lebanese youth on Syrian territories, in favor of a regime that committed the most heinous crimes of terrorism against unarmed civilians.

The GFIP denounced Nasrallah’s extremist religious discourse, saying that it would throw Lebanese youth in a civil war that may lead them to death and destruction, stressing that the GFIP is concerned for the security, stability and civil peace in Lebanon.

The GFIP rejected reckless attempts to draw the region, especially Lebanon, to a bloody sectarian war in favor of outside parties seeking to spread violence, chaos and division in the region.

The GFIP further demanded that Hezbullah review its perverse policies and unacceptable intervention in Syrian affairs, calling on the international community, and the head of the Security Council and the United Nations, to urgently carry out their responsibilities in the maintenance of security and stability, and to put an end to Hezbullah’s violations in Syrian territories, and to provide the necessary support for the Syrian people, who are struggling for freedom and democracy and human dignity.