Global Protests against Iraq War

Global Protests against Iraq War

Thousands of anti-war protestors across the world have taken part in protests on Saturday ahead of the fifth anniversary of the US-led invasion of Iraq, demanding the withdrawal of US and British troops out of Iraq.

Thousands of protests in London

More than 10,000 activists in London had rallied at Trafalgar Square before marching to the Parliament. Protestors outside the Parliament yesterday have waved placards and posters demanding ending the wars as “Troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan”, and “Don’t attack Iran”.

Police said there were 10, 000 on the streets of London yesterday, however, Stop the War Coalition, the protest organizers, stated they put the crowds at between 30,000 to 40,000.

In the same context, Caroline Lucas, the Green Party’s member of the European Parliament, called for the former British prime minister “Tony Blair” and the recent prime minister “Gordon Brown” to be prosecuted for war crimes.

Tony Benn, a former Labor Party minister, said that Britain”s involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan had caused “devastation”.

Protests around the world

In Los Angeles, thousands of protestors have taken to the streets of Hollywood carrying banners denouncing the US President, George Bush.

A number of other countries have witnessed anti-war protests yesterday as Denmark, Norway, and the Spanish capital, Madrid.

In Glasgow, protestors were joined by left-wing groups and trade unions, along with the mother of a British soldier who was killed in Iraq.

In Stockholm, the Swedish capital, more than 500 protestors gathered demanding the end of Iraq war. While other smaller protests took place in other Swedish cities.

Demonstrations took place across Canada as well, where 1,000 people protested, not only calling for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, but also against parliament”s  decision last week to extend Canada”s 2,500 strong deployment to Afghanistan. 

Iraq’s invasion in the US Candidates debate

Democratic candidates in the 2008 US Presidential campaign, Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton, did not miss the anniversary without discussing the Iraqi case, as both of them vowed to begin withdrawing U.S. troops quickly if either won the November election, while the Republican nominee John McCain wanted troops to stay until Iraq is more stable

It is noteworthy that such demonstration which began yesterday are taking place as the fifth anniversary of US-led invasion on Iraq on March 20th approaches.