Good Friday turns Bloody as Syrian regime engages in largest Massacre

Good Friday turns Bloody as Syrian regime  engages in largest Massacre

Syria witnessed its bloodiest days on Friday since the people began protesting against the Syrian regime and against the rule of President Bashar al-Assad.

Demonstrators took to the streets in the biggest demonstrations to sweep the country so far and to celebrate the decision by the regime to lift its 5 decade emergency law which had given it freedom to arrest the people and imprison them without charges levelled.

The ending of the state of emergency was a central demand of demonstrators, who also seek the release of political prisoners and dismantling of the security services.

In turn the regime also took to the streets recording the bloodiest massacre opening live rounds of fire on civilian protestors and killing close to 100 from the port city of Latakia all the way to Homs, Damascus, and Hama.

According to activists this was the first test of the seriousness of authorities towards reform and they have failed.

Human rights organizations denounced the vicious crack down and the use of live ammunition against protesters by the Syrian police labelling it as Bloody Friday and called on the Syrian regime to end its violent repression. 

Malcolm Smart, Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa director, urged the authorities to stop the violence stressing that an independent investigation into the killings must be immediately launched to ensure that any security forces found to have carried out these killings are brought to justice.

The authorities have blamed armed groups, infiltrators and Sunni Muslim militant organisations for provoking violence at demonstrations by firing on civilians and security forces.