Good Morning, Homeland!

Good Morning, Homeland!

One guy pays millions to marry a woman from Cairo, the other does the same to get rid of a woman in the Gulf, and the third does the same to get away with a crime he has committed in Safaga

Those three – and others – are willing to pay millions just for a passing fancy or lust, without heeding their country.

How long will the country have to put up with the ilk of such people? Why should it shoulder their lusts and adventures? Keeping doing so over and over again will bring the country down.

Who are they for the country to pay for their loyalty?  Why should the country owe them?  How come they have such clout? Do they finance NDP

Any regime cannot endure such mutilated models which are not governed by any law. One wonders where they were hiding. They suddenly appeared overnight and divided the prey among them

One got the steel industry; the other got real estate, the third got telecommunications and the fourth imports meat from Sudan for the poor.  They trade in everything from the needle to the rocket.  They have bought out the country for a miserable price.

They own billions in stocks and real estate. They have turned dust into gold.  They were once but a bunch of kids and now they have become dinosaurs. A rumor about one of them fleeing the country can drop the stock market and harm the whole economy.

And the ministers of our smart government would run after him, asking him to return home and solve the problem. So he asks for guarantees not to be handed over for a crime committed in an Arab country, as a condition for his returnAnd his demand is granted.

What”s in it for the regime? Does the regime get a kickback or so? If not, why is the regime so generous with such people?  They are not worthy of such generosity.

A businessman is like the virgin of the tribe. One word that dishonors her could lead to bloodshed.  One rumor could entomb a businessman for the rest of his life

But these people are apparently immune.  The regime allows them to get away with things. And they brag about it in the ‘Good Morning Homeland’ TV show.