Gouda: Brotherhood’s Nahda Project Will Uplift Egypt in Four Years

Gouda: Brotherhood’s Nahda Project Will Uplift Egypt in Four Years

Mohamed Gouda, prominent economist and member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), said that Nahda Program was prepared and developed by a large number of Egyptian experts and scientists.

He stressed that this program aims to create a highly advanced development economy, capable of providing a decent life for Egyptian citizens.

Nahda Project is offered by the FJP and the Muslim Brotherhood as a realistic electoral platform for their presidential candidate Dr. Mohamed Morsi.

In a televised statement, Gouda mentioned that the aim of this program is to bring about a major revival of the whole country, over a period of four years.

He pointed out that the first hundred days will focus on resolving current problems. The following two years will aim to resolve problems inherited from the former corrupt regime. Then comes the phase of real revitalization and rejuvenation. That is to be followed by the stage of achieving real renaissance.

Gouda added that many experts and economists who participated in creating Nahda Project assured beyond doubt that Egypt’s future is indeed bright.

The renowned economist explained that one of the priorities of Nahda Project is to improve all aspects of the security system, in order to achieve safety and security of Egyptian citizens, not for the seat of government.

He added that the project focuses on a number of issues, especially the elimination of the problems of poverty, unemployment and street children.

Pointing out that for each of these problems, the project has a set of plans that constitute radical solutions, Gouda asserted that those problems were indeed serious impediments to life in Egypt.

He added that the goal of this program is to make Egypt’s economy one of the largest economies in the world, within the next fifteen years, stressing that Egypt has the potential and the physical, technical and human resources which qualify it for that prestigious status.

Further, Gouda said that Nahda Project will in fact include seven major projects, each of which will cost one billion dollars, adding that these projects will transform Egypt’s from an income or rentier economy to a productive or value-added economy.

He also explained that these projects will be funded through State resources, the private sector or civil society, pointing out that currently there is a deficit in the budget, which must be controlled first, something which Nahda Project has already prepared for.

Moreover, Gouda said: "Under the former corrupt regime, we lived in a system which enacted economic laws only to serve the regime itself and its cronies. Therefore, we have to restructure the entire system so it serves the whole Egyptian society".