Government: decision to deport Jerusalemite MPs legally and politically invalid

Government: decision to deport Jerusalemite MPs legally and politically invalid

The Palestinian government under Prime Minister Ismail Haneyya announced its rejection of Israel’s intention to banish four representatives of the change and reform bloc of the occupied city of Jerusalem, saying that the decision is legally and politically invalid, and that it is unlawful for Israel to remove any citizen from his city or place of residence.

Government spokesman, Taher Al-Nunu, at a press conference Sunday, regarded this resolution as Judaization of the city of Jerusalem, implementation of Israeli plans, and division of the indigenous peoples of Palestine in order to replace them with Jews, calling on MPs not to comply with the decision to deport them from Jerusalem, and to regard it as an attempt to keep leading personalities away from confronting Israel’s crimes.

Nunu also regarded one of the reasons Israel ventured in this procedure is Fatah’s practice of restricting MPs, arresting their office managers and assistants, and denying them access to their offices.

Nunu reinstated his government’s rejection of any action that would harm the rights of citizens in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Jerusalem, particularly in the selection of representatives or their place of residence, confirming that this is a personal right under the immunity given to lawmakers.

He called on all MPs in the holy city not to comply with the Zionist decision, highlighting that the decision is part of a policy against the Arab and Islamic presence around and within the city.

Nunu called on the UN and the international community to bear the moral and legal responsibilities for Israel’s practice of preventing Palestine’s representatives from talking freely about such practices.

The four representatives were ordered to leave the city about one month from their release date, after previously being stripped of their identity cards and detained for more than three years on allegations of belonging to Hamas.