Government Faces Charges of Corruption and Negligence

On Tuesday, the parliament will set dates for discussing 11 questions lodged by opposition and independent MPs. The questions imply a number of direct charges of the government involvement in granting excessive privileges to some businessmen in commercial and industrial projects. In addition to allegations of financial corruption and implication in the sale of its share in Alexandria Bank and the absence of transparency in sale procedures. In this transaction, the two ministers of Housing and Transport allegedly yielded huge profits, the questions mentioned.
Led by the ruling National Democratic Party, the government is accused of deliberate and repeated negligence. It puts lives of Egyptians at risk by licensing ships that lack the standard technical and safety specifications as in the case of al-Salaam 98 Ferry catastrophe. In addition, the delayed rescue efforts left more than one thousands dead. In this respect, the government ignored the recommendations of the outgoing parliaments which warned against the adverse repercussions of the naval companies which purchase old ships to be inefficiently repaired. 
The questions, furthermore, directed accusations of squandering hundreds of millions of dollars in mafia operations, as the questions termed, run by senior officials of Civil Navigation Ministry.  
In their questions, the MPs blamed the government for the death and injuries of some residents in Helwan district due to the mounting rate of air pollution. As well, the questions hold the government responsible for the recession in construction industry. As a result of its policies of privatization and allowing foreign investors monopoly over this vital sector. 
In respect of the unprofitable Toshky Project, the government faces charges of misspending 6 billion pounds as well.   
The questions also tackle the irregularities of the last parliamentary elections where 27 people have been killed by police. Thuggery and bullying were orchestrated by the government to rig ballots in favor of the NDP candidates.