Government rejects recommendation to withdraw from Arab Initiative

Government rejects recommendation to withdraw from Arab  Initiative

The MPs stressed that “The Egyptian people are not satisfied with the government only condemning the attack on the Freedom Flotilla, they expect effective action”.

 MB MP Hussein Ibrahim paid tribute to the humanitarian aid convoy which had on board activists from 32 different countries. He praised the Turkish people and government for their stance, and acknowledged the efforts by MB MPs Mohamed Beltagi and Hazem Farouq
He questioned Egypt ‘s insistence on maintaining relations with Israel asserting that Israel ‘s terrorism and piracy is not new. Ibrahim called for the government to keep the Rafah crossing open if they were genuine in helping the Gazans ascertaining that the authorities must permit the entry of aid including cement and steel necessary for the reconstruction of Gaza  
 Ibrahim criticised Parliament for abstaining from discussing the murder of Egyptian hostages by Israelis, highlighting that the parliament had asked the competent committee to regularly discuss the case four years ago, and to date nothing had been discussed. He called on the parliament to disclose to the Egyptian public what had been done in this regards.
Dr. Mofid Shehab, Minister of Legal Affairs, alleged that opening the Rafah crossing did not imply abolishing the boundaries adding that the Rafah crossing was for human beings, not supplies. He added that cement and steel are difficult to pass through the crossing point due to its weight, however medical equipment and foodstuff is permitted
He commented “it is unfair to hear people wondering whether the Rafah crossing is open or not without realizing everything Egypt does”
Dr. Shehab explained that it was illogical to withdraw from the Arab Peace Initiative since it was only accepted in the case of war
MP Mahmoud Abaza, emphasized that Egypt should not be involved in the Genocide against the people of Gaza and should allow the entry of cement and steel and other aid necessary to reconstruct what the Israelis have destroyed.