Governor of Qina is Accused with Fraud

Governor of Qina is Accused with Fraud

Hesham el-Qady, the Moslem Brotherhood’s candidate in Quos, a city in Qina, appealed, in a statement, to human right organizations and all concerned people to halt the contraventions committed during the Sunday’s round of the parliamentary polls in Qina, under the care of its governor, Adel Labeb. 


The statement added that all state bodies and means, even bullets and tear gas, were dedicated to block the voters; for example, the police opened fire and used tear gas to disperse the turnout. Moreover, the first round of vote left scores of critical-conditioned wounded voters. Nemours residents were taken into custody, furthermore.


El-Qady, in his apple, voiced his concern that these unacceptable infringements would recur in the course of the run-off on 25, Nov.  


The statement concluded that Qina’s governor intends to use every possible medium to make the Brotherhood’s nominee fall.