Gov’t Addresses Demands of Textile Strikers

The Egyptian government agreed to address the demands of textile workers in return for ending their strikes.
Textile workers in Kafr Al-Dawwar, El-Behera, and Shebeen El-Koum, Monofiya, north of Cairo, scored a great victory over the government that addressed their demands in return for ending the strike that began early last week, and the workers received most of their rights for which they staged the strike.
The Muslim Brotherhood MP in Kafr Al-Dawwar  Eng. Zakariya Al Ganayni had a big role in ending the crisis of Kafr Al-Dawwar workers, as the government addressed the demands that Al Ganayni presented in the name of the strikers since last Sunday Feb, 4, 2007.
The holding company agreed to increase the meal allowance from 33 pounds to 43 pounds a month retroactively starting from July, 1, 2006, this equals about a week increase in their salaries. It agreed also to reconsider the incentives so that the minimum incentives reach 40 pounds instead of only 10 pounds, 30 pounds increase. A committee has been formed from the Personnel to help in giving every worker his promotion, a system which has been suspended since 1995. The bonus has been increased from two weeks to 21 days.
Concerning the health aspect, a committee will be formed by the Health Ministry to improve the hospital. Finally, the administration of the buses that bring workers to the factory will be reformed.
Al Ganayni increased his contacts on Wednesday Feb., 7, with security chiefs in the governorate and the chief of the holding company of Spinning an Textile after the mediation of National Party MP failed for the second time and after the workers dismissed him and showered him with insults .
Al Ganayni told Ikhwanweb that the open-minded members of the government responded finally to his calls and warnings that the situations may snowball and that the workers’ demands must be met. Accordingly, the company security manager declared these gains, making the workers ending their strike and stage a 1 1/2 kilometers march in Ahmed Orabi’s street in the city of Kafr Al-Dawwar to celebrate their gains, amid women’s trills of happiness and every worker entered his house happily after these gains.
It is worth mentioning that the workers of Kafr Al-Dawwar Spinning and Textile factory started an open sit-in inside the company last Sunday Feb., 4, asking for several demands, 14 demands, which were mostly addressed.
At Shebeen El-Koum Spinning and Textile company, workers managed to receive their dues from the company: salaries of 7 months, 45 days , after a ten-day strike and sit-in staged by 4200 workers.
Mohsen Al Gilani, the chairman of the holding spinning and textile company addressed the workers demands of firing both the company chairman, Hussein Mubarak, and the managing director, Hosni Abul Ela.
For his part, Hassan Al Sawwaf, the ex-secretary general of the union committee, confirmed that the losses of the strike reached about 5 millions pounds, and he quoted the workers saying they are happy about the gains they scored, and that he personally has been paid his dues and that the workers returned to their work in the company after their demands were met.
The workers staged the strike and refused to end it except after receiving all their rights, before giving the company to the Indian multinational company “IndoRama” that bought it last year, lest their rights be lost after the privatization.
Huge numbers of central security cars ringed he company, but the soldiers did not break into the company and did not clash with the workers.

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