• MB News
  • August 26, 2008
  • 7 minutes read

Gov’t Is Responsible for the Egyptian Setback at Beijing Olympics: MB MP

Gov’t Is Responsible for the Egyptian Setback at Beijing Olympics: MB MP

Muslim Brotherhood MP Hisham Al-Qadhi (member of Youth and Sports Committee at the PA) has held the government responsible for the Egyptian “alarming setback” at Beijing Olympics 2008.


In a query submitted to the Prime Minster and the head of the National Committee for Sports, he blamed the government for the poor performance and “shameful” results of all the Egyptian players in the Olympics except for the bronze medal obtained by the Judo player.


“We have to get to the bottom of the issue and investigate the real reasons for such an alarming performance that tarnishes the country”s prestige in spite of all expenses on preparing for the tournaments”, he stressed.


“This is quite an indication that the government doesn”t have a clear strategy to promote athletics in Egypt and that the sports unions and clubs lack the real visions for success. Moreover, vigorous disputes among the sports officials and the absence of the scientific thought of the officials at the Olympic committee and unions helped the Egyptian games retreat,” he resumed.


He called on the government to swiftly interfere and take to task all the participating unions that led Egypt to such “iserable image.” He also stressed the importance of wide investigations of the issue as well as setting forth a futuristic strategy to revive the Egyptian sports.


“It”s really a dangerous issue; government officials shouldn’t ignore the real reasons of the setback at the Olympics”, he said in Monday’s PA session.