Govt Prevents Rights Groups From Observing MB Military Trial

Signaling the Egyptian regime’s ill intention of passing unjust sentences against Muslim Brotherhood leaders, the Egyptian security forces denied the media and human rights groups, several foriegn lawyers an access to the military court session today. A delegation from Amnesty International, in addition to foreign members of the defence team including former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, Canadian Faisal Kotli, Haitham Mannaa Vice President of the Arab Organization for Human Rights and Fikrat Krabk Maz from Turkey, were all prevented from entering the court room today.

The security gave access to only 20 members of the 200-member defence team, preventing others from attending or covering the military tribunal of 33 Muslim Brotherhood leaders including engineer Khairat Al-Shater the second deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood and Dr. Mohamed Ali Beshr, the MB Executive Bureau member.

The court session took place amidst heavy security presence. Families of the detainees were allowed to enter after seizing their cameras and cell phones to prevent them from recording the trial.

More than 1500 supporters gathered outside the court to express their solidarity with the MB leaders on trial

Faisal Kutty

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