Gov’t slams Abbas’s envoy to UN for accusing Palestinians of violations

Gov’t slams Abbas’s envoy to UN for accusing Palestinians of violations

GAZA — The Palestinian government in Gaza strongly denounced the remarks made during a session of the UN General Assembly on Wednesday by Mahmoud Abbas’s envoy to the UN Riyadh Mansour in which he accused Palestinian parties of committing violations against Israel.

Spokesman for the government Taher Al-Nunu said that such utterances are more dangerous than the crime of delaying Goldstone’s report at the first time.

Spokesman Nunu added that Mansour’s remarks help Israel cover up its war crimes and legitimize its aggression on the Palestinian people.

He stressed that it was the first time in history a Palestinian party accused his occupied people of committing violations against the occupation instead of defending their right to resist occupation.

The spokesman noted that the move of delaying Goldstone’s report at the first time was taken with full awareness in the framework of the partnership between the Palestinian Authority (PA) in Ramallah and Israel, and their alliance against the resistance especially in the last war on Gaza, adding that the PA backtracked on its position against the report after it was widely condemned for such a step.

For his part, head of the UNGA Dr. Ali Abdessalam Al-Treiki stressed during the session the need to respect human rights away from any political sensitivities.

Dr. Treiki underlined that Goldstone’s report documented serious violations of international human rights and massacres against civilians.

He called for taking action to achieve justice for the victims and prosecute everyone responsible for the violations, noting that if the UNGA did not show keenness on achieving justice, it would be impossible to make any progress in the peace process.

In another context, the Palestinian government in Gaza expressed its grateful thanks to Egypt for opening the Rafah border crossing for four consecutive days and facilitating the movement of passengers traveling from and into the Strip.