Grandi urges the world community to lift the siege on Gaza

Grandi urges the world community to lift the siege on Gaza

GAZA– Filippo Grandi, the new commissioner-general of UNRWA, has urged the world community to end the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip, adding that the undignified life of the people of Gaza must change.

Addressing a press conference in Gaza on Tuesday, Grandi said that he preferred to meet the press for the first time in Gaza at the devastated Mighraka area to serve as a clear message to the world that the suffering of Palestinian refugees should come to an end.

Mighraka was the scene of devastating floods last month after Israel opened the Gaza dam gates causing huge destruction.

He said that what he saw in Mighraka where hundreds of families were displaced could not be imagined, describing the conditions in Gaza as “tragic”.

The UNRWA commissioner said that more than 60,000 houses in Gaza were damaged in the last Israeli war on Gaza over a year ago and nothing was done to rebuild them. He warned of dire consequences as hope fades away for those families in rebuilding their homes.

Grandi asserted that Gaza siege would top the agenda of his meetings with world leaders and Israeli officials.