Gross Sentences against 26 Detainees

Human Rights Sources have relayed that the Supreme State Security Court issued in its weekly session on Sunday (11/3/2007) gross sentences on 26 detainees from Quatana (Rural Damascus province), ranging between 12 and 4 years imprisonment with excessive fines.

The source reported that the detainees, described as Islamists, were arrested in mid 2004 and referred to the exceptional SSSC on charges of affiliating to a secret organisation that aims to change the economic and social structure of the state, intending to carry out terrorist actions, and holding arms and or moving and trading with arms. 

The sentences issued were the following:

Three were sentenced to 12 years in prison, including: Fadi Mohammed Abdughani, Yahya Mohammed Bundaghji, Ahmad Mahmud al-Sheikh.

Three were sentenced to 7 years in prison. They include: Mohammed Abudlhadi Awadh, Mohammed Ahmad Mohammed al-Shihabi and Tariq Mohammed Nadeen Shahadeh.

Four were sentenced to six years in prison. They include: Mohammed Usamah Ahmad Attiah, Amer abdulhadi al-Sheikh, Ayham Ahmad Umran and Omar Mohammed Jamal Nader.

Eleven detainees were sentenced to five years in prison. They include: Rasheed Mahmud al-Sheikh, Mohammed Ma’mun Qasim  al-Hilo, Sari Mohieddin Badreddin, Mahmud Naief  Qaddour, Naser Mohammed al-Amer, Ibrahim Ahmad Saborah, Mohammed Ahmad al-No’mani, Wasim Mohammed Jamal Nader, Omar Abdurahman Omran, Ibrahim Zeineddin and Hasan Mohammed Deeb al-Zain.

Five detainees were sentenced to four years in prison. They include: Ahmad Khalid Khasarah, Bilal Khalid Khasarah, Abdurazzaq Yusef Ahmad, Hasan Mohammed Deeb al-Zain and Rami Ahmad Sohaib Arafah.
In addition to the prison sentences, a fine of a million and 40000 Syrian Liras was imposed on each of Yahia Bundkji, Ahmad al-Sheikh, Tariq Shahadeh, Fadi Abdughani, Mohammed Abdulhadi Awadh, Bilal Khalid Khasarah, Mohamed Ahmad al-No’mani, Naser Mohammed al-Amer, Abdurazzaq Ahamd, Rami Ahmad and Sohaib Arafah.

SHRC notes that the escalating gross sentences issued by the exceptional, unconstitutional and non-specialised court against Islamic detainees are benefiting from the campaign waged by international power against “terrorism”. SHRC confirms that these sentences are neither justifiable nor fair; instead they aim to direct a fatal blow to the increasing public move striving for permitting the freedom of expression, the freedom of forming societies and parties and to cause real democratic reforms in Syria. 

Therefore, SHRC requests the release and immediate dropping of sentences and charges against the abovementioned detainees.  Those who have committed real and legal charges should be referred to the normal courts whilst enjoying his freedom and rights in a fair and unbiased trial that guarantees his right to defend himself.

Syrian Human Rights Committee