Group of Democratic Development calls Mubarak to release one of its volunteers

Press Release
Group of Democratic Development calls the Egyptian President Mubarak to release one of its volunteers

The Group for Democratic Development (GDD) sent a quick calling upon the president, Mr. Mubarak, and the minister of interior, Mr. El Adli, asking for their intervention to rescue the fate of GDD’s volunteer observer, Dr. Mohamed Abdel Al Galeel Mohamed Saleem. Dr. Saleem was arrested and detained by the Egyptian police officers while monitoring the electoral process on Thursday, 1st December 2005. He was arrested in front of El Mo’alemat El Tagrebeya School in El Husseneya area- the constituency of Bandar El Zakazeek, while he was taking photos for security forces while they put security cordon around the voting polls in order to prevent voters from casting their votes. However, four civilians stopped him, beaten him up and took his camera and then they detained him in one of the military camps of the security men in Tel Haween road in Balbees in El Sharkeya governorate. He still detained so far.
However, Mr. El Borai, attorney at law – GDD chair person, presented an official complaint to the Public Prosecutor of El Zakazik, and was promised that Dr. Saleem would be released. However, this has not occurred. In addition, he GDD addressed letters to NGOs and numbers of foreign ambassadors asked them to intervene to release this detained citizen. Two weeks has passed without any legal procedures have been taken in this matter.

Finally, GDD is so worries about what took place against Dr. Saleem, especially that he is suffering from a heart attack. Thus, GDD urge the Egyptian government to immediately release Dr. Saleem without condition, to offer a public apology to him about what took plase for him without committing any kind of crimes. GDD fulfill to disclose the violations that took place against Dr. Saleem and others.