• July 2, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

Habib: Arab and Muslim Nations Rally Around Moderate Islamists

Habib: Arab and Muslim Nations  Rally Around Moderate Islamists

Dr. Mohamed Habib, First Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood expressed his joy for the successful legislative elections held in Kuwait and the winning of six of the Muslim Brotherhood candidates to the Kuwaiti National Assembly “We are extremely happy for the victory by the six Muslim Brotherhood members and other candidates representing the moderate Islamic and reform forces in the race, which is a strong indication of the people’s choice of reform and moderation”

Dr. Habib also congratulated the Kuwaiti people for the transparency of the elections and called upon the elected Muslim Brotherhood members to be a role model for their fellow parliament members and fulfill the responsibilities which the people entrusted them with.

Dr. Habib reaffirmed that the victory of the moderate Islamic agenda witnessed in several recent elections in Palestine, Egypt and now Kuwait, confirms that the people around the Arab and Muslim world strongly support moderate Islamic movement and consider it the only real hope they have to change the dark gloomy atmosphere in the region. 

“The success of moderate Islamists in Kuwait, which is one of the most prosperous nations in the world, also rebut the argument that people vote for Islamists out of despair and poverty” Dr. Habib added