• August 26, 2006
  • 4 minutes read

Habib: Detentions Will Not Stop Ikhwan’s Reform Program

Habib: Detentions Will Not Stop Ikhwan’s Reform Program

The Egyptian security authorities on Friday August 25, 2006, arrested MB Secretary General and University professor Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat, MB Executive Bureau and renown educator Mr. Lashin Abu Shanab (picture), and 15 others in Kafr el Sheikh, north of Egypt. This comes in the context of the government’s persisted crackdowns on the Muslim Brotherhood which hasn’t stopped even during the Israeli month long aggression on Lebanon.

The authorities didn’t even observe the legal procedures of detaining  a person only after having warrant arrests from the incumbent authorities. They even violated the law when they detained paralyzed Mr. Lasheen Abu Shanab who is quadriplegic for more than ten years. Although the Muslim Brotherhood is  tolerant and adopts peaceful means for reform and change, it is always a target of the authorities’ harassment and oppression.

Several Western papers and magazines, including The Economist, have described the Muslim Brotherhood as the outlawed but tolerant group, a phrase which shows the obstinacy of the regime in handling the Muslim Brotherhood file by outlawing it although it is a tolerant and peaceful group.

Deputy Chairman, Dr. Mohamed Habib, stated to Ikhwanweb on the arrests, that these arrests are a chapter of a series of escalated harassment against the Muslim Brotherhood by which the government seeks to undermine the group.” It is also an attempt on the part of the government to pressure the MB Parliamentary Bloc to stem its members from exposing the government which have so far failed to tackle the Egyptian people’ problems”.

Habib also pointed out that the government means by these arrests to lead the public opinion off the calamities and disasters which have befallen Egypt, mainly due to the government shortcomings and corruption. He cited the ferry’s disaster, the bird flu and the recent train crash early last week, adding that incompetence and corruption have plagued the government apparatuses due to the absence of accountability.

Names of MB Members Who Were Detained Friday:

1- Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat, the group secretary general, Cairo.
2- Ustaz Lasheen Abu Shanab, Executive Bureau member, Gharbia Governorate, north of Egypt.
 3- Dr. Mohye Hamed- Sharqiya Governorate, north of Egypt.
4- Dr. Mostafa el Ghoneimy, Gharbia Governorate.
5- Eng. Mosaad Kotb, Gharbia Governorate.
6- Eng. Ahmed Abbas, Gharbia Governorate. 
7- Eng.Abdul Fattah el Sisi, Gharbia Governorate. 
8- Dr. Masoud Hassan Fayed, Kafr el Sheikh Governorate, north of Egypt.
9- Hajj Usama al Husseiny, Kafr el Sheikh Governorate.
10- Ammar Usama el Husseiny, Student, Kafr el Sheikh. 
11 – Dr. Hassan Abu Shaishaa, Kafr el Sheikh Governorate.
12- Hajj Jalal Abdul Aziz (80 years), Kafr el Sheikh Governorate. 
13 – Dr. Mohamed al Gazar, Qalyoubia Governorate, north of Egypt.
14- D. Mustafa Haikal, Qaliubia, Greater Cairo. 
15- Dr. Hisham Khafaji, Qaliubia Governorate, Greater Cairo.  
16- Dr. Ashour el Halawani, Menoufya- north of Egypt. 
17- Eng. Naguib Al Zareef- Menoufya