Habib: Erdogan’s Stance Suits a Leadership That Stands Up for Justice

Habib:  Erdogan’s Stance Suits a Leadership That Stands Up for Justice

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Dr. Mohamed El-Sayyed Habib (MB Vice-Chair) described the withdrawal of the Turkish PM Ragab Tayyeb Erdogan from the Davos World Economic Forum during the debate between him and Israeli President Perez as a stance that suits a leadership who stands up for truth and justice and by the side of a people whose rights have been violated, lands usurped, lives killed, and bodies whose blood and wounds have witnessed the heinousness of the crimes which took place on the Palestinian lands in Gaza.  

Habib added, “We appreciate Erdogan”s stance, look up to it with high esteem and respect, and consider it a brave stance at the time when the Israeli President Shimon Perez wanted to twist and cover up on the truth.”  In fact, Habib considered it an obligation in response to the Israeli crimes that took place under the sight of the whole world leading millions around the world to demonstrate their anger.  

Habib pointed out that these criminals will be chased on charges of aggression and committing war crimes, genocides, and crimes against humanity whether in the international or regional courts.  

Habib also clarified that these crimes haven”t ended as the Israeli siege on Gaza and suffering continues and the crossings remain closed.  

Worthy to be mentioned was Turkish PM Ragab Tayyeb Erdogan”s warm reception by his people upon his return after his withdrawal from the high-pitched debate in Davos.