Habib: NDP Attack On Opposition Proves Weakness, No New In Conference

Habib:  NDP Attack On Opposition Proves Weakness, No New In Conference

In his statement to Ikhwanweb, MB Vice-Chair Dr. Mohamed Habib stressed that the NDP”s attack on the Egyptian opposition is a sign of their trembling pointing out that the conference had nothing new to offer or say.  Habib added that the regime knows that it has lost all its credit from the people who are no longer deceived by its slogans and signs of social justice.

Habib also held the NDP responsible for the country”s lag in technology and civilization, as well as the failure to address the everyday problems of the Egyptian citizen such as unemployment, mad soaring of prices, inflation, wage deterioration, in addition to other health, environmental, housing, and transportation issues.  Not to mention the retreating and marginalized pivotal and strategic role of Egypt at the regional and international levels.  Habib further accused the NDP of making favors for business men who have allied with the regime.

Habib explained that the situation in Egypt is congested and strained for the suppressed majority in Egypt, who have organized hundreds of strikes and sit-ins across all institutions. 

Commenting on Gamal Mubarak”s being called “Leader of the Development Revolution,” Habib pointed out that its purpose is to pave the way for Head of the NDP Policy Committee to inherit power.