Habib: Political Reform in Egypt Should Remain Domestic Issue

Dr. Mohamed Habib, First Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, in an interview with Misr (Egypt) magazine of the Egyptian Socialist party, stated that achieving political reform and change in Egypt is, and will always remain, a domestic issue, refusing any foreign meddling in Egypt’s internal affairs “The Muslim Brotherhood rejects, in principal, the idea of foreign empowerment. Although we have our major differences with the Egyptian government and reject its oppressive measures against opposition; but we also believe it is detrimental to preserve the country’s sovereignty and dignity”. Dr. Habib added that the Muslim Brotherhood’s vision of reform is based on reaching a national consensus among all political and pro-reform forces that can be accepted by a majority of the Egyptian people.

Elections are main tools for change and reform

Dr. Habib stated that the Muslim Brotherhood considers elections one of its main tools to achieve reform and change in Egypt “Elections in general, including parliament, students bodies, universities teaching staff clubs and various labor unions and professional syndicates, are among the Muslim Brotherhood’s main principals of achieving change and reform in Egypt, and it is a right protected by constitution”

Muslim Brotherhood not an alternative to the current regime

Dr. Habib asserted that the Muslim Brotherhood puts the Egyptian people on top of its agenda “Our Members of Parliament are battling corruption and nepotism that are sweeping across society and working hard for the welfare of the Egyptian people but it is not our goal to present the Muslim Brotherhood as an alternative to the current regime”