Habib: We Still Cant Count MB Detainees

Egyptian security forces still continue sweeps of arrests against supporters members of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) during the Shura Council midterm elections. Dozens of MB supporters have been arrested since the dawn of the election day, Monday.
Initial estimations show that the detentions reached a two-digit figure as 68 supporters of a Muslim Brotherhood candidate in Al Fayum Governate have been detained, and the figure is continuously on the rise.
For his part, Dr. Mohamed Habib, the first deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, told Ikhwanweb that it is very difficult to count the continuously increasing number of detentions against supporters of MB candidates.
Latest reports from Ikhwabweb correspondents showed that the number of Muslim Brotherhood detainees on the eve of elections reached 943 detainees, while 165 have been detained up to this moment on the day of elections.


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