Habib:allocating seats to women in the People’s Assembly (PA) is unconstitutional

Habib:allocating seats to women in the People’s Assembly (PA) is unconstitutional

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, the Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood Dr Mohamed Habib stated, that allocating seats to women in the People”s Assembly (PA) is unconstitutional as the law cannot be imposed on people if we are really keen on involving more women in the political process.

In order to have women participate normally there must be a united front with all national parties and political powers. Furthermore, the hardwired perception of women in society must change where effort should be exerted by all means of media. With this effort, women”s participation will run normally.

Muslim Brotherhood emphasizes importance on this perception prevailing in our society as “We are certainly equipped to make all the opportunities available for women to engage in the experiment,” Habib said. There are certainly more women excelling in terms of efficiency, ability, energy, and performance moreso than men both scientifically and intellectually. Besides they have a privileged role in the parliament, thereby enriching the political arena in Egypt, he added.


Unfortunately, we consider that the ruling party is against the exercising of political rights for women.  Compared to other candidates in the parliament (People”s Assembly and Shura) women’s representation ratio or quota is extremely weak, refuting the belief that the National Democratic Party (NDP) supports rights of women. The NDP engaged in a fierce battle with The Muslim Brotherhood female candidates whether in the People”s Assembly, Shura Council or localities and in respect of the launch of public liberties and the abolition of laws and special courts, we notice that the regime’s abuse of power is enormous.

 The Muslim Brotherhood wonders, is it possible to run free, fair and transparent elections fully overseen by the judges so that people feel that their vote is of great value? Unfortunately, what is really happening now is inconsistent, and is clearly visible. It rudely and clearly strives to forge the will of the nation tarnishing Egypt”s reputation all over the world. Let us say again, the dispute is not about allocating few seats for women, we wish the Egyptian people recover from the frustration and negativity brought on by the ruling party, only then will we notice that we are equal before the law, everyone must have his national rights