• May 25, 2006
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Habib : We Demand Reform According to A National Agenda

Habib : We Demand Reform According to A National Agenda

Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood : We Demand Reform According to A National Agenda; U.S. Statements Do Not Concern Us

  Statements by Virginia House  Representative, Jim Moran, in which he said, “the U.S. Congress delegation expressed during its meeting with the Egyptian prime minister, Mr. Ahmed Nazif, Washington’s concern over the growth of the activity of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Egypt” have triggered extensive reactions about the credibility of the U.S. democracy in dealing with Arab governments, despite the large-scale criticisms by the Western press against the Egyptian regime because of its violent methods against protesters demonstrating in support of pro-reform judges.

  In a special statement to Ikhwanweb, Prof. Mohamed Habib, Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, said, “we do not rely much on U.S. statements for two reasons:

1) Most of these statements are contradictory and they change very often. We therefore lose confidence in them; and
2) The U.S. government has its own agenda, plans and interests. As a result we do not think it is going to serve the process of reform and democracy in the region.

  It is certain that the interests of the United Sates converge with those of the Egyptian regime. Despite the fact that this regime is a stumbling block in the way of reform and true democracy, the United States does support that regime staunchly and turns a blind eye to both the human rights abuses perpetrated against its opponents, and the question of succession of power in return for support by the regime for the U.S. with regard to hot issues in the region like Iraq, Palestine, the Iranian nuclear question, etc.”

  Habib affirmed “that the Muslim Brotherhood denounces those statements and does not give them any attention. The Muslim Brotherhood stresses that political reform will be carried out only according to a national agenda and not to any other agenda.”

  It is worth mentioning that the Egyptian political scene is now the theatre of many political movements demanding true political and constitutional reforms and an end to the state of emergency under which the Egyptian people has been governed for 26 years.

   Egyptian security forces have, over the past few weeks, detained more than 800 political protesters, mostly from Egypt’s leading opposition force, the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as from other political forces.

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