• June 9, 2006
  • 3 minutes read

Habib Denounces Al Zawahri’s Criticism of The Judges

Habib Denounces Al Zawahri’s Criticism of The Judges

Once again, Mr. Al-Zawahri and his Al Qaeda organization, prove to the Muslim nation that they have nothing to offer them other than their futile ideology of violence and destruction. Achieving reform and prosperity in our countries can never be through violence, coups and use of force, which Mr. Al-Zawahri is promoting. Our struggle against corrupt and autocratic regimes must never be militarized. If we advocate use of violence to change governments, then we are justifying their oppression and their use of force to protect their survival in power. Use of force will also invoke legitimacy on the stronger when it should be for those whom the people choose by their free will.




Dr. Mohamed Habib The first deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood , in a statement to Ikhwanweb:


"The Muslim Brotherhood only strategy to bring change to our societies is through peaceful and legitimate channels. Changing governments begins at the bottom, so we must empower the silent majority to play an active rule and join their fellow citizens in their call for reform. We must not underestimate the power of the people’s voice when it is heard loud and clear".

Egyptian judges at the helm of reform efforts

"We strongly reject Mr. Al-Zawahri’s unjust criticism of the judges in Egypt. We respect our judges and we salute their commitment to defend the nation’s dignity. Throughout Egyptian history, the judges have played an essential role in the country’s progress and development. Today, the judges assume their responsibilities at the helm of reform efforts in Egypt surrounded by sincere citizens who are striving for freedom and change".

"The judges fulfilled their responsibilities towards the nation when they fought for real supervision of the elections and uncovered the regime flagrant tactics to forge the nation’s will and steal the elections. The judges deserve our unconditional support in their relentless struggle against the forces of darkness in our country, which are adamant in their willingness to protect its own personal interests and their corrupt behavior".

"The Muslim Brotherhood reaffirms its support for the fine majority of Egyptian judges and their legitimate demands for reform and change. We entrust them with the future of this country and we look up at them as role models for our younger generations for years to come".

Dr. Mohamed Habib
The first deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood