Habib Urges Arab Leaders to Embrace Democracy in Pursuit of Stability

Habib Urges Arab Leaders to Embrace Democracy in Pursuit of Stability

Dr. Mohamed Habib, Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, stated that the nation’s ability to confront the threats and challenges to its stability relys on its leaders commitment to genuine democracy and comprehesnive reform

During a discussion held on the sidelines of the Sixth International Conference against Occupation; Dr. Mohamed Habib stated that the disasters and crisis facing the region need productive and serious talks among the Arab leaders meeting in Syria..

He added that leading people to democracy is the first step towards salvation from current threats and conspiracies facing our region.

 Dr. Mohamed Habib stated also that the US-Israeli project aims in the first place to fragment the Middle East region and divide it into moderates and extremists, with the moderates include Egypt, Jordan and Gulf countries while extremists include Iran, Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas and Islamic Jihad movements in Palestine.

 Habib stressed that resistance in Iraq and Palestine does not defend only scared places of the nation, but it also defends its dignity and honour. 

 Habib dismissed the state of fear and panic that the United States is trying to spread across the Arabs world from the so called “Iranian threat”, stating that the US-Israeli manipulations are indeed the real threat for stability, calling on Arab regimes to develop a plan to confront it .
Habib also praised the Lebanese resistance which has dealt painful blows to Israel, and eliminated the legend of its undefeated military .
Habib concluded by urging Arab leaders meeting in Syria to live up to their peoples’ aspirations, discuss the Palestinian cause and the Lebanese disaster and to have a serious strategy through which they can confront the serious threats that face our nations.