Hadass calls for the ending of the (Bedon crisis).

Hadass calls for the ending of the (Bedon crisis).


The Bedon problem of Kuwait  began in 1959, when the nationality law in Kuwait was issued, it came clearly into sight after the independence of Kuwait in 1961, since after that date, the nationality law did not meet the need of those who applied for the Kuwaiti nationality.

The short term of the Committees appointed to grant the nationality at that time, as a result, those who hurried succeeded to obtain nationality, and those who were slower did not obtain it.This governmental sluggishness can be the cardinal reason behind the actions of many people who gave up their foreign nationalities and claimed to be belonging to the non-citizens category hoping that some day they would be granted the Kuwaiti nationality

In the 50s, there were no certain names of the nationalities; all were citizens in the Emara of Kuwait.

 The first period is the pre- Iraqi occupation of Kuwait, when the government used the name "of unidentified nationality" hoping that those citizens would pursue to identify their nationalities.Likewise, during the last five decades, the government declared several times the composition of nationality granting committees, these committees are of three types.

All the above-mentioned deprivations are breaches of the international human rights conventions on which the Kuwaiti government ratified in which the first parliamentary opposition has dared to oppose it. Hadass has repeatedly stressed the indecency of this law calling for its amendment stressing that the postponing of amending this law will benefit no particular party on the contrary its delay will only result in the decline in progress claiming that national unity is the basis of progress in any country.