Halaiqa: Netanyahu’s annexing decision a war declaration.

Halaiqa: Netanyahu’s  annexing decision a war declaration.


Halaiqa said that Netanyahu’s decision is consistent with the Jewish view that considers Al-Khalil city a legacy belonging to Jews, stressing that such a decision does not confer legitimacy on the Israeli occupation to control these Mosques that belong exclusively to Muslims.

She also noted that this decision was made after French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner claimed that the peace negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis would resume during the next few days and the Palestinian state would be declared soon.

For his part, rapporteur of Jerusalem parliamentary committee MP Ahmed Abu Halabiya strongly denounced Netanyahu’s decision against the Ibrahimi and Bilal Bin Rabah Mosques, saying it is part of the Israeli schemes to obliterate the Islamic landmarks and the Arab identity.

In a press statement to the Palestinian information center (PIC), Abu Halabiya said that this decision is a very serious step and called on the Arab and Muslim leaders to urgently move to save the Mosque and to take a firm stand against Israel.

In the same context, senior Hamas official Dr. Salah Al-Bardawil told the PIC that Netanayhu’s decision is a very dangerous precedent that entails immediate moves by  Arabs and Muslims alike.

Bardawil affirmed that Hamas, will do its utmost to confront this attack on the Islamic holy sites in occupied Palestine.

Palestinian minister of religious affairs Dr. Taleb Abu Sha’ar appealed to the Arab and Muslim nations to defend their holy sites against the Judaization schemes and called for taking serious and effective moves in this regard.

Dr. Abu Sha’ar warned that the Israeli government would implement the annexation plan soon after it approved a budget of 500 million shekels to allegedly develop these holy sites.

The Israeli government during its weekly meeting on Sunday decided to include the Ibrahimi Mosque and Bilal Mosque on the list of the Jewish historical sites and allocated 100 million dollars to restore and renovate them.

Head of the regional council for settlers Danny Dayan told the Israeli media that the decision is an important and historic achievement for the Jewish people.

The government intends to launch a comprehensive plan for the Judaization of Islamic holy places allegedly connected with Jewish history, where this plan includes the establishment of memorials, museums, religious gardens and information centers.