Half Gaza children suffer from anemi

Half Gaza children suffer from anemi
A Palestinian human rights commission has warned that 46% of Gaza children were suffering from anemia due to their parents” inability to feed them properly as a result of the siege that deprived those parents of work.
The independent commission for citizens” rights said in a report that the Israeli collective punishment against the people of Gaza had greatly affected the children”s health.
It said that the lives of 23 children suffering kidney failure, 58 children with cancer and 43 children suffering heart diseases were in great danger in the event power outage affected the medical machines on which they depend to remain alive.
Meanwhile, in the West Bank Israeli occupation forces detained nine Palestinian in Bethlehem, Al-Khalil and Ramallah districts on the first day of Eidul Adha on Monday.
The Israeli border guards and intelligence on Sunday night kidnapped a Palestinian young woman from her home in Ras Al-Amod suburb in occupied Jerusalem.
Local sources said that Amal Obeidi was twice before held in Israeli custody, and added that the Israeli security elements confiscated Amal”s mobile phone, documents and a video camera along with her brother”s personal computer.