Hamas, Fatah delegations meet in Cairo to clear atmosphere for dialogue

Hamas, Fatah delegations meet in Cairo to clear atmosphere for dialogue

Representatives from the two main Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah have met in the Egyptian capital Cairo in a bid to pave the way for serious talks to bury the hatchet.

Well-informed Palestinian sources asserted Wednesday that Jamal Abu Hashim and Ayman Taha, the two political leaders from Hamas, answered a call from Fatah envoys Azzam Al-Ahmad and Ahmed Abdul Rahman for talks.

According to the sources, the meeting aims at “clearing” the atmosphere between the two movements in preparation for the anticipated meeting in Cairo called for by the Egyptian government to end the Palestinian political division.

Hamas Movement presented a bundle of ideas to pave the way for the talks, including releasing all political detainees from the PA jails in the West Bank, halting all media smearing campaigns, and stopping the adverse policy of cutting salaries of PA employees sympathizing with Hamas, the sources pointed out.

Both sides, the sources revealed, discussed the issue of the next PA government and the details attached to it.

“The meeting was strategic”, said Abdul Rahman, stressing the need for coordination between the two Palestinian factions in addition to exchanging roles among them.

However, the two Fatah leaders said they will brief Fatah chairman Mahmoud Abbas of the details of the meeting although, they explained, they were authorized by Fatah leadership to take decisions.

Meanwhile, more Hamas envoys arrived in Cairo to beef up the Movement”s delegation headed by Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahhar to discuss the truce.

Zahhar and two members of the Movement are now in the Syrian capital Damascus to discus the calm with Hamas”s leadership there before returning to Egypt and joining the other Gaza envoys to deliver the Movement”s final answer to the Egyptian initiative in this regard.