• August 4, 2008

Hamas, MB and Jordanian Gov’t

Hamas, MB and Jordanian Gov’t

There are many official indications of the Jordanian government’s rapprochement with the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and Hamas. The first sign has been represented by the meeting held between the Head of the Intelligence and Hamas MPs and leaders.


Official narrations show that there have been no notable changes due to those meetings with the Islamic Movement leaders (who were used to visiting Jordan for meeting security officials); however, the findings and statements of Hamas cadres indicate the imminent political rapprochement between the official institution and both Hamas and the Brotherhood.


According to Brotherhood sources, the meeting between Al-Pasha Muhammad Al-Zahabi and the Brotherhood brought forth promises to solve the problems of the Islamic Center Society and contribution in halting the relocation of many MB leaders topped by Murad Al-Udhaylah.


Friends say that the meeting of Al-Pasha and Hamas leaders has been different from other previous ones. In general, the Islamists feel at ease with the coming period that”s expected to witness relief of crises between them and the regime after long time of mutual tensions.


I will not focus on controversial issues in this op-ed, but I will address the futuristic outlook of the relation between the government and both the Islamists and Hamas. There’s been an urgent need not only for political openness but establishing political participation basis and provisions between both parties through intensive dialogues about the Jordanian and Palestinian national interests and the nature of the political role of the Islamists.


It’s important that the relation between them goes beyond the “Political deal” to mutual dialogues and understanding regarding the green and red lines and the political reform track and relinquish of mutual obsessions and doubts.


As for the relation with Hamas, it’s become clearer for Jordan that peaceful path has halted and that Fatah movement can no longer exclude Hamas or manage the Palestinian national differences since Hamas is a complex integer in the Palestinian equation.


Out of the victory and coalition with regional powers fancies, Hamas leaders yearn for the Jordanian official institution because of their belief in the unity of the Jordan- Palestine strategic interests that have nothing to do with the political investment or opportunism and pressures exerted upon Hamas cadres, like what happens at other Arab countries.


The newly shaped relation between both the MB and Hamas and the Jordanian government has different conditions and relates to significant files: the internal political equations and Jordan- Palestine relations under the united strategic interests.


We seek reasonable and realistic management of the differences between parties and bridging the varying stances to reach mutual understandings of vital issues rather than changing their own policies or stances.

*Translated into English by Ikhwanweb. Original Article in Arabic can be found in Alghad.jo