Hamas: “Zionist” right’s rise shows Israel gets more radical

Hamas: “Zionist” right’s rise shows Israel gets more radical

Hamas official in Turkey said that “Zionist right`s rise shows, they has gotten wilder and more radical.

Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas representative in Lebanon, Osama Hamdan, is in Istanbul for the Gaza Conference.

Hamdan spoke to the World Bulletin after the Conference on Israel”s 22-day Gaza attack, the Palestinian national dialogue and Hamas`attitude towards the cease-fire.

According to Hamdan, when reading the Israeli elections, three points is required to be analyzed.

“Zionist right`s rise shows, they has gotten wilder and more radical. This also shows that idea of a peace with that right-wing formation is how fanciful.

Second, Ehud Barak, despite all those blood he spilled, could not be successful in this election. Maybe he got the payoff for this attitude. Israelis must understand that: no Palestinian blood is cheap anymore. They will learn that they can`t build a future on the lives of the Palestinian women, children and old people.

Third, during the first 15 years, a radical right government can be established in this way . This will display the degree of Israeli threats to the region would be. ”

He also commented on the Israeli elections and on the UN humanitarian aid mission UNRWA to Gaza and international power was to be sent to Gaza.

Palestinians win in the Palestinian territories for the first time

Hamdan said Israel executed a massacre in Gaza beyond the German Nazi genocide, found all kinds of weapons to use on the Palestinian people and intentionally targeted civilians, children and women.

Osama Hamdan said: “Israel”s aim was to disrupt the morale of the Palestinian fighters and to coup the resistance and stability of the Palestinian people. When you read the general view, Gaza won the first military victory on Palestinian land in the ongoing struggle with İsrael.

Gaza truce with Egyptian mediation

“Hamas`s cease-fire conditions that it is forwarded to the Egyptian side for the negotiations have not changed,” says Hamdan, “All these mediation efforts, took a very long time and the debate has set the stage for negotiations.”

“The two sides mutually was applying pressure to each other. It is true that there were efforts from the Arab countries. But I do not want to interpret these efforts in here,” he told to World Bulletin.

The Palestanian National Dialogue

Hamdan said first meeting on Palestinian reconciliation was yesterday. “At the meeting, decision was made to accelerate the national dialogue. However, this dialogue should include all the files.”

He emphasized that to properly conduct a dialogue, the necessary atmosphere should be established. First of all, political arrests should be ended and detained persons should be released.


“UNRWA knows Hamas in control of everything in Gaza. Again, they understand Hamas” resistance power and ability to struggle at least in this case.”

“At this time, UNRWA is free to install any relationship with realityi” the representative underlined, “In the end, they will understand this reality.”

“Even unseated, there is a government in Gaza. This government is conducting business in the Gaza Strip for the Palestinian people. UNRWA must also move in this direction.”

International forces problem in Gaza

Repeating Hamas stance on international forces he said that “Hamas has announced in the first day this: the Palestinian people struggle to get rid of the occupation.”

“Therefore, they do not want a second invasive force, rejects new occupation nominees in this land. Therefore,we will treat any power coming to Gaza as to “stooge of the occupiers”.”

He also said that “We have made clear our attitude on this issue to Turkey. Turkey, would not act againts the Palestinian people`s will.”

“Other governments must act in accordance with the interests of the Palestinian people in these matter.”

Current status of the Palestanian refugee camps in Lebanon

“Palestinians in refugee camps is in a deplorable situation in Lebanon,” Hamas official said, “We are in dialogue with the Government of Lebanon officially , expressing the rights of Palestinians. Work, property acquisition, transport, etc.. We”re working on rights issues.”

For this purpose, Eb`ul Valid Khaled Meshaal visited Lebanon. He met with President, Prime Minister and the Chairman of the Assembly, addressed the problems of the Palestinians to political leaders. Security and legal status were discussed.

“We are currently are working to create an authority to include all the resistance groups,” Hamdan cited.

“We want all Palestinians in Lebanon to gather under one roof. Hopefully this will also be successful. We have many social activities in the Palestinian camp. These efforts will provide results.”

The issue of Palestinian weapons in Lebanon has developed a variety of conditions, the official expressed.

“These are weapons of resistance, are not militia weapons. Unfortunately, some mistakes happened. Fatah said there are shortcomings in this regard. But the issue of Palestinians in Lebanon must be addressed thoroughly. They should not be left aside from political, humanitarian, social and security issues.”