Hamas: Abbas-Olmert meetings useless, disastrous to national project

Hamas: Abbas-Olmert meetings useless, disastrous to national project

The Hamas Movement on Monday denounced the expected meeting between PA chief Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli premier Ehud Olmert on Tuesday, describing it as “useless” and “disastrous” to the Palestinian national project.

Fawzi Barhoum, the Hamas spokesman, said Abbas-Olmert meetings are useless to the Palestinian people as the Israeli military escalation against Gaza and the Palestinian people in general never ceased.

The meetings, which carry with them pressures on the PA chief to live up to commitment to preserve Israeli security, drop right of resistance and accept the Zio-American project, would carry disastrous consequences to the Palestinian national project.

Furthermore, such meetings only deepen the inter-Palestinian rift that was the result of American and Israeli interventions in the first place, he charged.

The Hamas spokesman asserted that only the Israeli occupation was benefiting from those meetings to cover for its daily crimes against the Palestinian people.

He added that the meetings give a “wrong impression” about what is really going on including the health, environment and human disasters inflicted by the Israeli policy of mass punishment and murders against one and a half million Palestinians in Gaza in particular.

Barhoum reiterated his Movement”s demands to Abbas to attend to the internal Palestinian front away from Israeli and American dictates.