Hamas: Abbas’s speech clearly mourns the futile peace process

Hamas: Abbas’s speech clearly mourns the futile peace process

DAMASCUS — The Hamas Movement has said on Thursday that the speech of Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas was plain and clear-cut announcement of the failure of the "peace process" which he and his Fatah faction have been wagering on for almost two decades.

In a statement the movement issued on Abbs’s speech, Hamas stressed that as dramatic change must be introduced to correct the political path that Abbas and his team had led, and that no one should insist on that path anymore because it proved to be harmful and destroying to the Palestinian national cause.

The Movement also stressed that obvious American bias in favor of “Israel” at the expense of the Palestinian national rights calls on all Palestinian parties to consolidate their ranks and to build the national stand based on the Palestinian national interests and not on the conditions of the Quartet Committee.

Furthermore, Hamas underlined that national responsibility requires telling the Palestinian people the truth that the "peaceful settlement" option was nothing but an illusion, adding that no time should be wasted in pursing that path, and that the resistance path must be adopted and respected, and that all forms of security coordination with the Israeli occupation must be halted.

In addition, Hamas highlighted the need to rebuild the PLO on national basis as was agreed upon in the Cairo declaration in 2005, and that a new Palestinian national authority that would properly handle the Palestinian national affairs must be created.

As far as Abbas’s decision that he wasn’t interested in contesting the presidential elections, Hamas stressed, “the issue is not whether or not Abbas would run for presidential post … this is a personal choice because the Palestinian issue was and would remain bigger and more important than all Palestinian leaders”.

Hamas also called on Abbas and the Fatah faction to “sincerely” go to the national reconciliation, to organize the Palestinian internal affairs, to restore Palestinian unity, and not to unilaterally call and go for presidential and legislative elections before achieving the national reconciliation.