Hamas: All options are open for the Palestinian people to defend the Aqsa Mosque

Hamas: All options are open for the Palestinian people to defend the Aqsa Mosque

The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, has urged Tuesday all military wings of the Palestinian resistance factions to prepare themselves to defend the Aqsa Mosque and Muslim sacred shrines in the occupied city of Jerusalem against the Zionist schemes.

Hamas”s spokesman in Gaza Strip Fawzi Barhoum asserted, in press conference he held in Gaza city, that the Zionist entity will pay for the crimes they had and still are committing against the Aqsa Mosque, and against Palestinian citizens in the occupied city of Jerusalem.

“We will not accept that the Israeli settlers and soldiers live in peace and security while our Palestinian people are denied them, and thus all means to defend the Palestinian Jerusalemites, and to protect the Muslim holy shrines are legitimate”, he stressed.

He also accused the Israeli governments of using programmed and well-planned schemes and means to distort the Muslim identity of the city, and to introduce drastic demographic changes in favor of the Zionist settlers in the city, including demolishing homes of Palestinian citizens in the city and of forcing tens of thousands of them out of the city among other “criminal” meas.

He also highlighted the Israeli excavations under the Aqsa Mosque that almost reached the foundations of the holy shrines, putting it at risk of possible collapse, in addition to the recent orders handed over to 88 Palestinian families in Selwan suburb informing them of demolishing their homes, and of transferring them out of the city.

Barhoum hailed the steadfastness and resoluteness of the Palestinian Jerusalemites who resist those measures with all the force they have, urging them to exert more precious sacrifices and resistance against those schemes, and assuring them of the full support of the entire Palestinian people in homeland and in diaspora.

He also underlined that Hamas Movement will not relax the resistance till the Palestinian land is liberated from the Israeli occupation and the legal rights are returned to the Palestinian people on their land, underscoring, “What had been taken by force, we will retrieve it by force”.

Furthermore, he urged the PA in Ramallah city not to sit in negotiations with the occupation any more, warning that preserving those “futile” negotiations would provide the political cover for those Israeli crimes.

He also called on the Ramallah Authority to free Palestinian resistance fighters in the West Bank to resume their role in resisting those malicious crimes and to give the West Bankers the free rein to express their opposition and rejection to those schemes.

Finally, Barhoum sent an urgent call for Muslim and Arab Ummah to shoulder their religious obligations and duties towards the Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem because “Jerusalem isn”t for the Palestinians alone, but it is for the Arab and Muslim Ummah as well”.