Hamas: All options open before the Gaza people to end the siege

Hamas: All options open before the Gaza people to end the siege

The Hamas Movement stated that it made vigorous political efforts to reopen the Rafah border crossing and break the siege, but unfortunately these efforts did not succeed, adding that it can no longer tolerate seeing the Gaza people”s suffering increase everyday and all options became now open before the Gaza people to end the siege.

In a press release, Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman, underlined that his Movement”s efforts were not appreciated by the Egyptian side, expressing hope that the Egyptian leadership would re-evaluate its positions and open the Rafah crossing.

Abu Zuhri called on the Egyptian authorities to release the Palestinian detainees in their jails, noting that the Palestinian side received promises from Egypt to release the detainees, but nothing came true.

In another context, the spokesman charged that PA chief Mahmoud Abbas buried the Yemeni initiative when he announced during the Arab summit in Damascus his rejection of opening dialog with Hamas.

The spokesman renewed Hamas”s rejection of deploying any foreign troops in the Gaza Strip, saying: “The deployment of Egyptian troops in the Strip is unacceptable to us and to the Egyptian government. Arab troops entering Gaza must come to liberate Palestine and not to control Gaza which was already liberated by the resistance.”

The spokesman categorically denied the news reported by some media outlets about the existence of an agreement between the Palestinian resistance factions to freeze rocket attacks on Israeli settlements, saying that these allegations which were attributed to a Hamas source are unfounded and aimed at weakening the morale of the Palestinian people and distorting the image of their resistance.

The spokesman highlighted that the Palestinian resistance spearheaded by the Hamas”s armed wing will continue to retaliate to Israeli crimes and violations against the Palestinian people.

For his part, Mushir Al-Masri, the secretary-general of the Hamas parliamentary bloc, said that the only beneficiary of Abbas-Olmert meetings is the Israeli occupation, adding that the PA chief broke his promises to the Palestinian people that he would suspend negotiations with Israel if it did not stop its assaults on Gaza.

Masri called on Abbas to return to political maturity, saying that “the PA chief goes to meet Olmert in light of the ongoing Israeli aggression and the aggravating suffering of the Palestinian people not because he wants to save his people from their misery, but to serve his and his entourage”s personal interests.”