Hamas: Arab and Egypt’s national security is a red line

Hamas: Arab and Egypt’s national security is a red line

The Hamas Movement categorically denied that it planned to carry out an operation threatening Egypt”s national security, highlighting that the national security of Egypt and Arab countries is a red line that cannot be overstepped.

In a press release, Mohamed Nasr, a member of the Hamas political bureau, accused parties described as “hostile” to the Palestinians, Arabs and Egypt of working on driving a wedge between Hamas and Cairo by spreading such fabrications.

“The relationship between Egypt and Hamas are managed with great transparency and clarity; I do not think that such news would affect it, but that does not deny that certain parties are tampering within this square, working on damaging those relations and portraying things differently,” Nasr stated, pointing out that Hamas is fully alert to those parties and their malicious intentions.

The Hamas leader refused to mention specific parties, but he only said: “Those parties are known and hostile to the Palestinians, the Arabs and Egypt, and unfortunately there are Palestinian parties playing that role.”

In another context, Abu Mujahed, the spokesman for the popular resistance committees, announced that a delegation of the committees will leave for Cairo Monday at an official invitation from Egypt to discuss the issues of truce, the prisoner swap deal, and the Israeli siege on Gaza.

Abu Mujahed underscored that there must be safeguards guaranteeing that Israel would abide by a reciprocal, simultaneous and comprehensive truce.