Hamas: Arresting Zionist war criminals is a must

Hamas: Arresting Zionist war criminals is a must

DAMASCUS, — The Hamas Movement has asserted on Friday that Israeli policy of committing massacres against the Palestinian people was a reflection of the Israeli arrogance that aims at uprooting the Palestinian people from their homeland.

In a statement it issued on the 62nd anniversary of the Deir Yasin massacre, Hamas explained that the massacre wasn’t isolated but rather part of a chain of ugly and planned massacres in other parts of occupied Palestine with the aim to terrify the Palestinian civilians and to force them to leave their homeland.

The Movement also pointed out that such Israeli policy continued over the past decades including the latest war on Gaza where thousands of Palestinian civilians were either killed or wounded.

In this regard, Hamas confirmed that the Israelis were wrong if they think that such massacres would break the determination and will of the Palestinian people, stressing that the Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people made them more steadfast, more resolute, and more determined to achieve freedom and independence.

Moreover, the Movement underlined that the Israeli practices against the city of Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip were part of the Israeli mentality and not just an exceptional condition.

It also underscored the right of the Palestinian people to prosecute the Israeli war criminals who ordered and those who executed those massacres, stressing that such a right couldn’t be cancelled by the passage of time.