Hamas: Egyptian Court Ban on Movement Activity Political Decision

Hamas: Egyptian Court Ban on Movement Activity Political Decision

Ezzat Al-Rashq, leading member of the political bureau of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas", strongly condemned the decision of a coup court in Cairo to ban all activity by the movement and to seize its headquarters in Egypt. He affirmed the court action is nothing but a political decision meant to hit the Palestinian people and their resistance.

The Cairo Urgent Matters Court ruled Tuesday to ban the activities of Hamas and to seize all its headquarters.

Before the decision was issued, Al-Rashq had warned that by accepting the lawsuit aimed at designating Hamas as a ‘terrorist organization’, Egyptian judiciary would be offering a free service to the Israeli occupation in Palestine, a repressive force that stands against the people of Palestine as well as the Arab and Muslim nation as a whole.

"These actions are the culmination of the aggression started by hostile Egyptian media and some politicians with a deliberate smear campaign against the Palestinian people and the resistance movement that stems from blind vengeance and pure political incompetence and failure. Egypt and its people have nothing to gain from such a move."

In a press statement Tuesday, Al-Rashq said that announcing Hamas is a "terrorist organization" in Egypt is a dangerous precedent that could have negative repercussions in the continuation of the unjust Israeli imposed siege of the Gaza Strip, opens the doors for the Israeli occupation to launch an aggression on the Gaza Strip, and lends more support to the enemies of the Palestinian people to put an end to the Palestinian cause, by eliminating its strengths.

"No sane person can imagine a judgment designating Hamas as a "terrorist organization" from an Arab judiciary, based on nothing but false fantasies and fabricated illusions, in the dark shadow of the Israeli enemy’s declared war against Hamas and the ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people and the land of Palestine.

"I call on the free nations of the world to act now, to speak out and express their rejection of attempts to demonize the Palestinian resistance… Hamas will persist in its resistance against the Zionist occupier, and will never deviate from this goal. Hamas will remain the Palestinian people’s movement, whatever the cost, whatever the sacrifices. Indeed, Hamas has already given the cause many good leaders and so many of its finest sons – martyrs on this path. We will spare no effort in protecting Palestinian rights, principles and sanctity until our lands are liberated and our people return."