Hamas: Government Agenda to Reflect National Consensus

The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas asserted that its political program will include mechanisms to apply policies of the incoming Hamas-led government. It added that what have been reportedly published so far are mere principles of its finial draft.

“Reports about Hamas political program are mere principles and outlines of the final formula of the program that have been introduced to various parliamentary blocs. It is very important to stress that these views do not represent the final program of the government but present its outlook of the political issues only,” said Sheikh Farahat Asad, Hamas leader in the West Bank.

In harmony with the participant parliamentary blocs in the government, the finial program will be drafted, Asad affirmed. Therefore, all blocs are briefed with these views in an introductory procedure for phrasing the final formula.

He denied that the principles of Hamas program are general, indicating that all fundamentals, such as resistance, negotiations, truce, are listed in items followed by detained mechanisms of implementation.

Asad mentioned that the item that covers the government attitude to prior pacts signed between the Palestinian Authority and Israel depends on the respect of the international law and in conformity to the Palestinian interests. Hamas will not be a party in agreements have been proven to be a failure and yielded no profit to Palestinians.

Asad said Hamas will adhere to prior pacts only if they serve the Palestinian interests.

He added that it is not reasonable that Hamas abides by agreements to which Israel do not adhere on assumption that this embarrasses Israel internationally. This long-applied approach has been proved unsuccessful and has wasted a lot of Palestinian rights.

In the same connection, Asad stated that existing consultations with various parliamentary blocs focus only on political issues, adding that Hamas has a comprehensive vision for all aspects of Palestinian life ready to be implemented. Once consultations are concluded, the comprehensive plan will be anounced.

Recently, Hamas introduced the outlines of its incoming government program.

Outlines of Incoming Hamas-led Government

General Principles

1- Struggle continues till our ends are attained

2- Acceptance of local-suggested compromises within a national harmony.

3- Israel is an occupying state

4- Truce, in terms of its conditions, is a mechanism of action

5- Arab and Islamic worlds are our strategic supporters

Outlines of Political Program

a- Resistance

1- Resistance is a legitimate right for Palestinians.

2- Resistance is a means not an end

3- Israeli obstinacy made previous negotiations failed.

4- Let however has an option to solve the Palestinian issue rather than resistance brief us with to be put under study.

b- The Right of Return

1- Palestinian people have been forced to leave

2- The right of return is a protected right for all nations.

3- Right of return is an individual right that should not be weaved.

4- Right of return along with appropriate compensation for damage is an individual right for Palestinian people.

5- Return to homes and lands from which Palestinians have been evacuated

6- Return of Palestinians to any librated span of hand of land does not mean giving up their right to return back to their homes and lands from which they have been vacated.

c- Truce

1- Truce is a mechanism to achieve national requests but not an end

2 – Truces does not repeal the right of resistance in term of all possible means and the right to respond to any violation

3- Truce is associated with its conditions; it continues if its conditions are fulfilled.

Conditions of truce
1- Halt of all forms of aggression on Palestinians everywhere.
2- Unrestricted release of detainees and hostages

d- Agreements

Our stance towards prior agreements corresponds with Palestinian interests. We have the right to reconsider them in accordance with these interests.

e- Recognition of Israel
The recognition issue does not restrict any certain Palestinian fiction or any government alone but it is the decision of the entire Palestinian people everywhere.

f- Political negotiation

1- Negotiation is a medium not an end
2- Previous negotiations did not meet the minimum demands of the Palestinians.
3- Proposals that benefit Palestinians can be discussed to find mechanisms of implementation.

g- International Resolutions

1- We consider international resolutions were made for noble humanitarian purposes
2- Numerous of the international resolutions that relate to Palestinian issue and their mechanisms of application have not met rights of Palestinian people.
3- The Israeli occupation has not implemented but resolutions that benefit its interests