Hamas: Israeli elections produced three heads of “terrorism”

Hamas: Israeli elections produced three heads of “terrorism”

The Hamas Movement said on Tuesday that primary results of the Israeli elections have showed that three Israeli heads of “terrorism” were gaining ground in the Israeli arena.

Spokesman of Hamas Movement in Gaza Strip Fawzi Barhoum stressed that Hamas will remain steadfast and firm on the national constants and aspirations of the Palestinian people regardless of who would rule in the Hebrew state.

Three Israeli fanatic parties, Kadima of Tzipi Livni, the Likud of Binyamin Netanyahu, Yisrael Beiteinu of the ultra-rightist figure Avigdor Lieberman, reaped most of the seats in the Israeli Knesset (parliament).  

In a press statement he made Tuesday night in reaction to the elections, Barhoum pointed out that the Israeli community has chosen the most “extremist, the terrorist, and blood-thirsty figures and war-mongers to rule them”.

“Today, we face three heads of terrorism, Livni, who wants to pursue the war on Gaza; Netanyahu, who clearly announced there is no Palestinian partner for peace and he won”t abide by any agreement with the Palestinians; and Lieberman, who once wanted to bomb the Aswan Dam and destroy Egypt and throw the Palestinian people in the sea”, Barhoum explained.

He also stressed that the “Zionist terror” developed from the “terrorism of gangs and militias [in the 1930s and 40s] into institutionalized terrorism that has developed into a culture of the Israeli society which explains the gains made by extremist groups and explains why Israeli leaders campaign for elections by shedding Palestinian blood”.

Speaking on the possible effect of the Israeli elections” results on the ongoing truce negotiation and the file of Israeli captive Gilad Shalit, Barhoum said, “When we talk about serious dramatic developments in the Israeli community, we believe that those developments would have an impact on the Egyptian efforts, especially in the file of Shalit and the file of the siege, and perhaps on the entire region”.

But he made it clear that any Israeli government willing to have a calm must pay the price for that calm, and the price is to end the siege, halt all forms of aggression and open all crossing points, including the Rafah gate.

As for Shalit, Barhoum underlined that the “Israeli occupation government knows very well the price we need for his freedom, and therefore, our stands will remain firm in dealing with this issue”.

Hamas wants the Israeli occupation government to release Palestinian women and children captives in Israeli jails, in addition to 1000 prisoners including those who spent more than 20 years of their lives in jails in exchange for Shalit”s freedom.

Finally, Barhoum underscored that in the light of the political variables in the “Zionist entity”, a change in the Arab position should also take place in order to face the great challenges before the Palestinian people and before the entire region.