Hamas: Israeli plans to kill a senior Hamas figure prior to reaching calm

Hamas: Israeli plans to kill a senior Hamas figure prior to reaching calm

The Lebanese Akhbar newspaper quoted a “reliable” source in Hamas as saying that the Israeli occupation is planning the assassination of senior Hamas officials prior to the calm agreement which Egypt is working on in order to prompt the Movement to beg for truce.

The source told the newspaper on condition of anonymity that serious security information received by Hamas from a well informed source revealed that Israel is planning to liquidate a high-ranking Hamas leader in Gaza.

The source added that the information available to the Movement also says that the Israeli occupation focuses its eyes on four leading figures in the government and the armed wing.

The source explained that Israel procrastinates in responding positively to the truce agreement sponsored by Egypt, which received the approval of the movements of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, until it finds the opportunity to carry out the assassination plot.

The source said that Hamas takes this information seriously especially when the Israeli government was severely criticized after the IOF troops” defeat in the operation called the “hot winter” in the Jabalia refugee camp.

In another context, Sheikh Kamal Al-Khatib, the deputy head of the Islamic Movement in the Palestinian lands occupied in 1948 stated that the threats issued by Zionist extremists to assassinate Sheikh Ra”ed Salah are not a reaction as much as being an act of worship as stated by Jewish religious judgments issued lately by senior Jewish clerics.

Sheikh Al-Khatib explained in an interview with the Palestine newspaper published on Wednesday that the first religious statement was issued by a senior rabbi of a large group of young Jews who completed their military service and another one was issued by the students of the religious school targeted lately. Moreover, 13 rabbis signed a religious ruling decriminalizing killing according to the Jewish rulings.

The Palestinian leader pointed out that the Israeli official TV channel had revealed those plans to assassinate Sheikh Salah and quoted its information from Israeli official sources especially in the Israeli intelligence itself.